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Murdhani: Pasarrebo Flyover Must Sterile from Street Vendors!

BERITAJAKARTA.COM — 05/04/2012 11:08:16

The East Jakarta Mayor Murdhani commands related parties to immediately control street vendors’ presence and install traffic sign to alleviate illegal parking in Pasarrebo flyover, Ciracas, East Jakarta. It is because besides causing congestion, they also make the area becomes slum and dirty.

The flyover is only used for vehicle traffic, but not for street vendors or hangout place. “The flyover area should be sterile from resident’s activity due to its construction is aimed to smooth traffic flow,” said Murdhani, Wednesday (4/4).

East Jakarta Transportation Sub-Department has been ordered to install parking and selling prohibition signs above flyover. Besides, Satpol PP and police personnel are also asked to conduct monitoring and controlling routinely. The motorists will be given sanction if they are violated the rules.

Head of East Jakarta Transportation Sub-Department Mirza Soelarso stated that actually parking and selling prohibition signs have been installed before. But, those signs are allegedly stolen by irresponsible people. “That’s why we’ll re-install prohibition signs. Later on, the strict control will also be done in the location to guard the signs,” he expressed.